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Crane machine conductive sliding line protection
Time:2019-09-24 11:58 The author:Jin Rui

Crane machine sliding line protection

Conductive sliding line protection board shall be provided at the crane machine, the purpose of setting the conductive sliding line protection board is to isolate the sliding line to prevent electric shock accidents.
1. When the driver's cab is located at the end of the trolley's sliding line, a protective plate shall be provided between the ladder leading to the crane and the walking platform and the sliding contact line;
2. Under the end beam of the sliding end of the bridge crane, shall set a protective plate to prevent accidental contact between the spreader or the wire rope and the sliding wire;
3. Other crane machines that use the sliding line shall be provided with conductive sliding line protection plates for the parts that are prone to electric shock;
4. When the crane machines are arranged in multiple layers, the sliding line of the lower crane is provided with a protective plate.
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