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5 ton Single girder overhead crane manufacturer
Time:2018-01-10 11:28 The author:Jin Rui

5 ton Single girder overhead crane

These Single girder overhead crane is designed and manufactured according to GB3836.1-2000 and GB3836.2-2000, is widely used indoor and outdoor for lifting materials, such as industrial factory, mining, warehouse, workshop, material stocks and other places.

Single girder overhead crane lifting capacity can be up to 20 ton, span is from 7.5 m to 31.5 m, lifting height is up to 30 m. Working duty is A3-A8.
Capacity: 5 ton
Span: 7.5 ~ 31.5 m
Lifting height: 6m, 9m, 12m, 20m, etc
Lifting materials: steel plate and equipment parts in Steel plant

Single girder overhead crane Feature
* Reasonable structure, good performance
* Smooth starting and stopping, safe and reliable traveling
* Convenient maintenance, easy to replace parts

single girder overhead crane

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