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Wire rope electric hoist using scope
Time:2017-11-25 15:36 The author:Jin Rui

Wire rope electric hoist


Wire rope electric hoist using scope

1. For machinery factory workshop and repair shop, installation equipment, lifting heavy objects.
2. For the library and freight yard, lifting materials, stacking, stacking.
3. For the construction industry and pipeline hoisting the prefabricated components and cement pipe.
4. For the textile industry, warehouses and hospitals, shops, food factory lifting weight lifting.
5. Used for lifting the heavy load of rivers and lakes
Jinrui wire rope electric hoist operation is through the manipulation of the button or in the driver's room or use wired (wireless) remote control to enhance the weight, the electric hoist can be used alone, can also used together with the manual, chain or electric trolleys, hanging on the roof of a building or on the beam of a crane, it is a light duty lifting device with a wide usage range. It is characterized by small size, light weight, large carrying capacity, often installed on electric single girder bridge cranes and gantry cranes to lift and transport items. Mostly used electric hoist is wire rope electric hoist, low headroom electirc hoist, metallurgical wire rope electric hoist, mini electric hoist and explosion-proof electric hoist and several other models.
wire rope electric hoist

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